JEUNET  brand,  build  in Dole, France. A Production of 25 000 "bicyclettes" in 1958 et and had 2 factories in middle of 70’s with a capacty to build 20000 bikes a year.

 This model is from the mid of the 60’s. A very nice frame in Rubis tubing, Autogenous welding. High level componets.
The bicycle has been stripped down entirely et totally rebuilted ( nice paint work with original color and decals). So very safe, and ready to use with a lot of pleasure.

Strait frame (controlled), new brake cables and gear cables, brake pads,....., all original spares all cleaned and back to full function, The idea is to keep a very lovely 60’s randonneur with a marvelous vintage look but also “ une très belle biyclette “ that can be used daily, or for nice “pronenade”the week-end. This bike is almost new  

Model:  JEUNET Randonneur

Frame/ forks: RUBIS steel

Size : 56.5 x 58.5 x 61.5

Derailleurs Front rear, and shifters HURET ALWITT – 10 speeds

LEFOL Le Classique Fenders (rare)

BrakesSuperbe Cantilever LEFOL with Wire roller hangers like HERSE  and guibonnet levers


Pedals: Lyotard

Stem: PHILIPPE with special randonneur handlebar

Rims SAMIR 650B and ATOM hubs

 VERYBEST 26H confortable Saddle

Tires : MICHELIN 650B new

Cranks CYCLO ROSA 46 /  36 with Specialités TA arms

SOUBITEZ with 2 lights at the front , rear and dynamo.

Jeunet Fransk Randonneur ca: 1965