Jan Raas Hol

: Återförsäljare av Oljeprodukter ägare Nico de Vries.
Gazelle: Cyklar

Placeringar / Framgångar
Milan-San Remo:              Jan Raas 1:a -77                      


Frisol Thiron Gazelle Hol  1971-1977


Team Manager
Piet Liebregts,
Florent Van Vaerenbergh, Edgard De Maere

Here are a couple of shots of Ocana when he was with Frisol. The B&W one is from an International Cycle Sport magazine March 77 and he is riding in the Tour de Mediterranean early season. The colour one is from Google Images and shows him almost at the time of retiring. Neither of the bikes is like the one here, the B&W is definitely a Gazelle (in Green and White?) and the other is definitely Green and White and is described as being a Gazelle AA with full Zeus 2000 groupset.

Its an AA frame from Gazelle. It has a Zeus fork crown. In the mid 70s Gazelle had something going with Zeus parts, they offered (according to a mid-70s brochure) a completely Zeus equipped Champion Mondial bike, as an alternative to a Campagnolo/Universal equipped bike.
Interestingly the brochure also mentions that with the AA-frame, the rear triangle is made of Columbus tubing (not Reynolds).
The 'X' shaped chainstay bridge is typical for AA-frames, up to 80/81 BTW.

It is painted in the Team Frisol-Gazelle colours, which look to be cream with forest green headtube and seatube panel.

In 1977 Jan Raas from Frisol won Milan - San Remo on a Champion Mondial, which really started off his career.